Case Study

Live deployments in the UK

One of the UK’s largest pharmaceutical companies deployed BioBeats’ employee wellbeing programme, to improve mental health and reduce high absence rates and the crippling costs that came with them.

Over 700 employees downloaded the BioBeats app and for the first time, the HR team was able to see aggregated data and gather insights into the health of their employees.

In 4 months, zero absences were recorded from stress or anxiety in those employees who had been using BioBeats; despite a 226% increase across the workforce.

Phone and watch

Product Features

How it works


Hand out BioBase

We'll deliver wearable devices to your remote workforce, followed by a registration email containing a magic link to download the BioBase app.


Improve mental health

BioBase allows your people to track their health data, discover mindfulness tools and access personalised digital therapeutics on demand.


Gain insights

Whether you are a big corporation or small business, you will receive anonymised data on employee wellbeing, allowing you to support your people where they need it most.

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